AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination

At Pulaski County Special School District, we’re implementing programs that help improve and evolve our educational processes. Chief among these programs is AVID.

What is AVID?

In the 2019-2020 school year, PCSSD implemented AVID at all of our elementary schools as well as sixth grade in the middle schools and ninth grade at the high schools. AVID teams are eagerly preparing to implement this system that will increase student engagement, promote classroom collaboration and activate deeper levels of learning in their classrooms with practical, immediately useful tools and instructional strategies. Teachers who participate in AVID professional learning begin to shift their beliefs about teaching and learning, allowing them to cultivate a growth mindset both for themselves and their students.

The AVID Advantage

  1. Reduces variation in classroom instruction.
  2. Leverages grit and determination of students.
  3. Emphasizes rigorous coursework, relevance of instruction and relationships.
  4. Raises expectations of educators, students and their families.
  5. Re-energizes the staff on campus and in the district.

AVID for Elementary Schools

Putting future leaders on an early path to success in school

AVID Elementary engages young learners and provides them with the critical skills to become confident, independent thinkers who have a thirst for learning. Teachers use AVID strategies to provide students with:

  • Proven ways to succeed in school
  • Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading to learn
  • Note-taking and time management skills
  • Best ways to work together inside and outside of the classroom

AVID for Secondary Schools

Moving future leaders toward college success and beyond

AVID’s teaching strategies and curriculum build positive teacher-student relationships to ensure student success schoolwide. AVID Elective students:

  • Proven ways to succeed in school
  • Enroll in advanced courses (AP®)
  • Receive academic instruction and tutorial support
  • Strengthen their writing skills
  • Improve study and organization skills
  • Gain “college knowledge”
  • Visit colleges and explore careers
Nationally, AVID students excel in success metrics, which is impressive given the adversity they face.


graduate from high school.


complete four-year college entrance requirements


are accepted into four-year colleges


persist into their second year of college